Favorite Ikea Items For My Modeling Bag

You can go ahead and call me basic. My two favorite non-clothing stores are Ikea and Trader Joe’s. It might be because I have a strong Swedish heritage and I have an extra sense of Sweedish pride, however, every time I am in a major city, I make it a point to explore these two stores. I have found that Ikea has several items that work great for my modeling bag that keeps me going back.

  1.  FREE COFFEE  Alright, this is not directly related to modeling, however, if you are already in the store, why not take advantage of this? If you sign up to be an Ikea family member you can receive free coffee everytime you are in the store! The membership is free and anyone in your family can use this offer. In order to receive the beverage, you must have the card with you. It is simple to sign up and you can do it at a kiosk on the store floor.
  2. Lint Rollers  Lint rollers are my absolute saving grace on some days. As a model, you must appear put together 24/7 and something as simple as having a lint roller in your purse can make a huge difference in your physical appearance. At Ikea you can purchase these for only $0.79 for 60 sheets!
  3. Plastic hangers  Personally, I feel like hangers get lost in my own closest in the same manner that the dryer eats only one sock. I am constantly in need of hangers. When I am on my Ikea runs, I make it a point to grab some hangers. Ikea sells a 10 pack of hangers for $0.99.
  4.  Hanging rack with storage  This is something that I have not found in general that I am completely thrilled with. I LOVE  statement pieces in my personal closet and typically these clothing items require special hanging care. I have one hanging rack not purchased from Ikea, however, my collection is accumulating so quickly that I am just about in need of another. It may just be on my shopping list for my next trip to Ikea. The store sells these products starting at $49.99.
  5. Healthy snacks for being on the go — Being a model means you have to learn how to live on the go. I keep my bag full of snacks. I try my best to keep a health-conscious diet and I try my absolute best to avoid fast food on those days where I am driving from appointment to appointment. It can be tempting on to stop on those days, however, it is all about planning. At Ikea, they sell trail mixes in travel sized packs for $1.49.

The links to the items listed are at the bottom of the page. These are my favorite items to purchase at Ikea for modeling related purposes. As you shop there with your modeling bag in mind, I am sure that you will find your own personal favorites.

Photo courtesy of Fernando Decillis

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